Affiliate Video Marketing [5 Must Know Facts]

So you want to learn about affiliate video marketing? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to discuss it in so much detail so brace yourself. Get ready to learn everything you need to know about affiliate video promotions so you can skyrocket your success!

First, let’s discuss the concept on a very basic level. When you are about to purchase a product. You most likely read about it and check the technical specifications, price, etc.

What about when you find a video review of someone using the actual product and showing it to you in action? Doesn’t it help you see the product for what it is?

Affiliate Video Marketing

Doesn’t a video make it easier for you to make the decision whether to buy it or not?

I know it does for me. Taking a look under the hood always gives me more confidence. As opposed to buying something blind simply based on technical specifications and literature.

Regardless of whether we like the idea of marketing our affiliate products over video or not. It is one of the most effective ways to market anything. You know the saying “seeing is believing” well it couldn’t ring more true than it does here!

So what are the different ways that we can use affiliate video marketing to promote products?

Different Types Of Affiliate Video Marketing

Different Types Of Video Marketing

As with everything the basic premise of affiliate video marketing is the same, it is a tool in your marketing arsenal. The usage options are limited only by your creativity. Especially now with all the modern technology that is available at our fingertips.

Not all videos are created equal. I’ll prove it right now so we can get this out of our way as we progress through this article.

I don’t know if you remember a few years back Mcdonald’s came up with an extremely engaging YouTube campaign. The video took you through a story of a person’s day. It gave the viewers choices at regular intervals two. These choices represented decisions that a person takes throughout their day.

It was in essence a video ad but it was utilized as a game. Viewers not only interacted with the video, but also choose how the story goes.

It was one of the most successful video campaigns. Rather than the usual “skip video” after seeing it the first time the viewers tried different choices every time they saw the ad. Just to see the different variations and endings.

So what are the different forms of video that you have at your disposal to use in your affiliate video marketing efforts?

1. Advertising Affiliate Video Marketing

Advertising Video Affiliate Marketing

This is the most basic and historically proven way of marketing something through videos. As kids, we grew up watching TV and remember all too well the “commercial breaks”. You know, the ones we used to use to go make a cup of hot chocolate during or run for a bathroom break. These still exist today both on TV and in digital format. Today you see them as videos on YouTube and Facebook before or during the videos you’re watching.

The advantage of affiliate video marketing advertisements is the mass viewership. The more eyes on your ad the more chances of making a sale. With traditional TV the targeting is very limited. I started my employment career as a media buyer. It was the core of my job to pick TV channels and specific shows to reach the client’s target.

We had primitive technology at our disposal to try to maximize the relevance of the ads to the viewers watching them.

Today digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook offer a wide variety of targeting options. They make this job way easier. I wish I had these options as a media buyer back then on TV. My job would have been so much more fun. Plus my campaigns would have been way more effective. The options available to us today are like laser targeting your ideal audience.

Back in the day we used to call these ads “spots” and the spots came in 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 second variations.

You see recommendations about, and limits on, video advertising length on platforms and blogs. These didn’t come from nowhere. This is a science that has been developed over the years, ever since the film industry was created.

This is the maximum duration that you can hold someone’s captivated attention for. Calculated as an average over 10s of years of research and millions of ads. Agencies and research firms have been tracking these numbers for years, and continue to do so today!

Since this form of advertising is something all of us have been exposed to and are most likely familiar with I won’t get into too much detail about it. This is usually a short video promoting a product, its benefits, its features, its uses, and in many cases its price too and is between 30 to 90 seconds long. Granted there are variations outside this time range but they are the exceptions, not the norm.

To apply these kinds of videos to your marketing efforts you would either create a professional type ad where you showcase the product with effects and a voice-over, or you take the influencer approach and just show the product in use as you talk about it.

In either option, you would limit and prioritize the most impressive unique selling points (USPs) and showcase them exclusively in your affiliate video marketing efforts.

2. Educational Affiliate Video Marketing

Educational Videos

You have seen these I am sure, they come in two forms. The first is someone shortly talking about how they skyrocketed their Facebook ad results while minimizing their costs to a fraction. They would show you one tip in detail. Then they would tell you “if you’d like to learn 9 (or more) other tips you need to buy some product”.

The second approach is like many “mentors” and “gurus” do. They have either a live webinar or lecture-type video where they teach you everything about something and offer you to learn more.

In essence, both methods are the same where they “tease” you and give you a taste. Afterward, they’d invite you to get the full information by buying something. This method is very effective as it offers people a sneak peek into what you have to offer. It also shows them that the knowledge you are offering is worthwhile.

These are not the only ways to use educational Affiliate Video marketing though!

What if your product is not digital. Can you still tease first, then offer it up? Let’s assume you are marketing a blender on Amazon. How do you use educational marketing?

The simplest idea I can offer you is to create a channel teaching recipes for delicious juices or home-cooked meals. Use that blender and throw in the name of that blender in strategic parts throughout the video. You could then throw in an “I love this blender because…” somewhere in the middle of the video and talk about it briefly.

The same would go for a drill, make-up, hairdryer, screwdriver, etc.

You then tell people that if they want to get it they can do so by clicking the link in the video description below. Or through a link, you put on one of the corners of the video display section itself.

Back in the day, the most primitive form of educational marketing was what we used to refer to as “advertorials”. These were advertising editorials. A company would purchase a page from the newspaper and stick an article explaining stuff about car engines, for example. They would then start mentioning the benefits of certain additions to engines. Finally, they would wrap up by saying Mercedes (for example) has these modifications done to all their engines.

This later transformed into advertising documentaries on TVs.

If you lived in the 80s and early 90s you’ll know what I am talking about here.

I used to be so into music production in my 20s. I used to watch so many YouTube videos. In an attempt to learn various digital audio workstations (DAWs) that I wanted to use better. Some videos were even by pro producers like Carl Cox, etc.

Such big names didn’t need affiliate links. They most likely get paid just for using a certain device or application in their videos.

Other less famous people used this as an opportunity to make money while educating people. They would then put their affiliate links and mention them in their tutorial. The links were usually to premium plugins and tools they used in the video. Sometimes they also offered their saved project files for free. The catch? You had to download the plugin to use the template they created.

3. Unboxing & Review Video Techniques

Unboxing & Review Video Affiliate Advertising Techniques

Have you seen an influencer’s YouTube channel or Instagram page where they buy the new iPhone or whatever other device or fashion item and roll the camera, give a small introduction, then film themselves opening the box, taking everything out, and talking about each item they take out, then start the phone and mess around with it a bit, or try on the garment, etc.?

That is what unboxing is, in its most basic form. The influencer or affiliate video marketing blogger may then go on and discuss the technical specifications and showcase certain new functions that make this device or clothing item unique and worth buying.

The other form is review, this happens mostly for apps, websites, and computer software.

This is when someone will log into a game, mobile app, website, or software and film the screen as they take you through the gameplay, usage scenarios, features, etc.

Reviews can also be done on phones like the unboxing but minus the unboxing part, where they go straight into the usage of the phone, battery life, etc.

It is then only a matter of sticking a link in the video description or on the video display area and they are good to go!

Is Affiliate Video Marketing Effective?

Is Video Marketing Effective?

You may be wondering if using affiliate video marketing is an effective sales tool to spend time on creating, editing, uploading, and posting. Well, it has multiple advantages…

  • You do the work once and it keeps getting you sales forever. Once the video is up everyone who sees it will see your link and will potentially click on it and buy. Once the video is up it’s basically a form of passive income, a gift that keeps giving as they say.

  • YouTube alone has millions of users logging in and watching videos there daily. You are tapping into their communities by posting on their platforms. In turn, gaining access to these millions. It’s just a matter of getting them to pick your videos and view them instead of or along with the 1000s of other videos on there!

  • Having videos gets you on search engines when you use the right SEO under the videos tab. So people searching on google for example for the information or product discussed in your video will find it and watch it. This requires no additional work on your behalf. Clients who are interested specifically in your product or information you provide and not just random people who clicked on your video by accident.

  • Most of the video streaming platforms don’t just act as an all you can eat buffet of videos. They are also search engines for information in their own right. Think of the last time you opened YouTube and typed in the search bar “how do you…”.
    These platforms also have very advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

    They show each user more of what they are looking for/interested in. If you watch an “Affiliate Video Marketing” video today and close YouTube. When you come in tomorrow on the home screen feed what do you see? They show you at least one video about the same topic, don’t they? That means, you too, have a chance of appearing for free to random users interested in your video’s topic.

  • YouTube is owned by google, have you noticed when you search for something the first results even on the “web” tab are YouTube videos (if there is a video about it on YouTube). This is because google want’s to give an advantage to YouTube over other streaming platforms and increase the daily viewers and visitors.

  • People share videos that they find useful, so imagine if 1000 people see your video and share 100 of them share it, assuming each has 100 friends on the platform they shared it on, that’s a potential audience of 10,000 viewers that may buy your product, and the best thing is you got them for FREE!

The Final Verdict: Is Affiliate Video Marketing The Right Choice?

Is Video The Right Choice?

Well, honestly it all depends on you! Are you comfortable with the idea of being on video and/or showing your screen on video? The benefits of video marketing are countless! However, if you are camera shy and really can’t get over that “stage-fright” then maybe it’s not for you.

My advice is to try your hand in it and see how it goes, make the video, and another, and yet another without uploading them, get friends’ and family’s feedback…

You never know maybe you will be the next legend on video social media and go viral beyond your wildest dreams!

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I hope this article has helped you get a better idea of affiliate video marketing and some of the many possibilities of how to make it work for you.

I look forward to your questions, suggestions, and ideas in the comments section of this article and I promise to get back to you on them as soon as humanly possible.

Good luck my friend!

Evolve Your Wealth,
Tareq Helmi

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