The #1 Best Content Marketing Strategy [Free Course]

Content Marketing is a fundamental and essential aspect of marketing. An effective content marketing strategy is necessary for any entrepreneur, business, or brand.

Without it, achieving unparalleled business success becomes 10 times more difficult. This is why today I’ll be giving away a video course that teaches strategic content marketing. In addition to the video course, you’ll also get an ebook, mind map, resource list, and cheat sheet to go with it.

This article will act as a summary of the kind of information this course will give you. That way, you can gain an understanding of what kind of knowledge you’ll gain with this course.

We’ll also touch on strategic content marketing. As well as, how it can help you achieve the kind of success you’ve only ever dreamed of!

The Content Marketing Blueprint

This short course (and accompanying materials) will take you on a journey through the depth of marketing…

Through effectively writing content and bending it to your will.

As you progress through the course you will gain so many insights. You’ll learn the ins and out of strategic content marketing so you can grow and position your brand like a boss.

First, let me share with you the table of contents so you can get an idea of what you’re in for. But remember, you’re getting all this for free, no catch, no hidden costs.

I know you may be wondering why would I do this? If it’s so good, why is it free?

I’ll be honest with you…

IEVOLVE WEALTH has a master reseller license for many educational products. Some of these products come with permission to give them away.

Since we’re in the process of building our academy, we’d like to give you a taste of what’s to come!

We can boast all we want about the quality of the courses and how we handpick the materials. However, it’s never going to be as trust-inspiring as seeing for yourself, right?

There is one more thing, you see the ads on this page and others on our website?

We get paid just for having these displayed on our website.

So in a round about way we’re like “Robin Hood”.

In the sense that we use big advertiser’s money to finance the knowledge, we share with you for free.

Plus we gain your trust and confidence in the process. Which in turn, makes you more likely to consider buying the products we recommend. (some of which will pay us a commission for referrals)

Do you see what you just read in the last few paragraphs? That’s a form of content marketing. If you felt the sincerity in the words above then my content did its job.

There is a wide misconception that marketing needs to be deceitful. Nothing could be further from the truth. Marketing, like money, is a tool. It all depends on the person harnessing the power of that tool.

If a shady individual has a lot of money they will most likely use it to finance a racketeering business of some sort. A person with integrity on the other hand…

Will use it to give to charity or create a business that adds value to society.

The same goes with marketing (strategic content marketing included). A con artist could use it to rob people of their hard-earned money or sell substandard stuff.

While others would use it to direct people towards something they can truly benefit from.

But I digress…

So here is the course’s table of contents and then we’ll share a summary of each chapter.

Finally, we’ll show you where you can get a free domain, with free hosting, free education, and a large community, so…

You can start applying what you learned in this course immediately and at absolutely no cost. After all the best money is free money right??

Chapter 1: Why Content Marketing Matters

Anyone who’s looking at positioning their brand online through effective digital marketing efforts needs to consider and understand strategic content marketing.

Ever heard the saying “content is king”? Content is the single most important element of any marketing effort in this day and age. So much so, that all the biggest bloggers, brands, and websites are investing very heavily in creating content that stands out.

Such big names in the online world wouldn’t be doing so if, the return on their investment wasn’t making it worth their while.

In this fairly short chapter, you’ll understand why content matters and how it is a necessity for yours and other businesses alike!

Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

Alright! Before we move on and start getting into the nitty-gritty of content marketing shouldn’t we first explore what content marketing is?

You may already be familiar with the term, but let’s take a second here to drive the concept home! This is exactly what this sub-chapter will be discussing.

Content marketing often gets mistakenly used interchangeably with other forms of marketing like inbound marketing for instance. This section will clear up this misconception and explain to you what should be part of content marketing strategies. This way you can easily differentiate it from other forms of marketing and avoid having irrelevant elements when preparing your strategic content marketing plan.

Chapter 2: Why Content Marketing is Crucial for Selling

what is content marketing

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to set the right groundwork to be able to sell more effectively. There are two main keywords you’ll see come up a lot in both, this chapter and the rest of this course. These words are authority and a big audience (or fan base).

This makes total sense, when talking about selling, think about it!

To sell something, you need two things:
1) A large number of people to sell to
2) Trust and credibility amongst the people from point 1.

Content marketing is the yellow brick road that can lead you to have both of these prerequisites and chapter 2 is where you’ll learn how…

How Content Marketing Creates Fans and Buyers

During the introduction of chapter 2, you’ll learn the basic workings of content marketing. In this section, however, you’ll be taken deeper into the rabbit hole to see exactly how far down it goes.

This sub-chapter will discuss how applying the right content marketing strategies can help you turn cold leads into raging fans with an insatiable appetite for what you have to offer. Here you’ll learn how the entire process works and which part of the formula content plays a vital role in whether you succeed or fail!

You’ll learn why trying to directly sell on your website to first-time visitors is a terrible mistake and what you should do instead.

An Example: Thai Lopez

Some of you may love Thai Lopez, others may hate him. However, and regardless of how one may feel about him, he is one of the most successful marketers in this day and time. In this section, you will dissect exactly what Thai Lopez did right and demonstrate the different aspects of an effective content marketing strategy that made him the success he is today.

Examples and case studies are always a great way to explain and nail an idea. After reading this section you’ll be able to understand the secrets to success applied by celebrities like Thai Lopez and how to replicate them for similar results.

Chapter 3: The Logistics And The Numbers

content marketing strategy

This is the chapter that gets into the nitty-gritty of it all. This is where you’ll begin to prepare your content marketing strategy because in this chapter you’ll learn the activities you’ll need to do on a day-to-day basis.

Things like frequency, types of content, and content length will all be discussed here, so make sure you have a pen and paper handy because you need to note down all these details if you want to have an effective content marketing strategy.

Types Of Content Marketing

Content comes in many forms and includes written, video recordings, live videos, podcasts, images, quizzes, tests, games, and music. This section will take you through the various forms of content, what each form offers in terms of pros and cons, and the forms of content that fall under each type.

Effective content marketing strategies include as many of these forms of content as possible to maximize results. So knowing what types of content are available to you, and how to best use them will help you fine-tune your, strategic content marketing, game!

Frequency, Length and More Factors

As you probably already know, everything in this world has rules and best practices for things to be done right. With regards to content marketing, this section (and its subsections) will teach you the formula to doing it right!

Here you’ll learn how often you need to be sharing content, how long that content should be, and how the best practices apply to each form of content from the previous section.

Understanding this section and applying what you learn here is crucial for your content marketing strategy’s success.

Chapter 4: Creating The Best Content

Content Marketing Strategies

Now that you’re familiar with the rules and best practices it’s time for you to begin putting your content marketing strategy into action. This chapter will guide you in creating content that delivers results.

Not all content is created equal, there is a science behind why one video gets channel subscribers and thousands of views while another on the same topic gets none. The same goes with photos, images, stories, and written content. Here you’ll learn how to create content from the kind that gets you subscribes, likes, and repeat visits and avoid wasting your strategic content marketing efforts on things that don’t work.

How to Write Good – The Anatomy of a Great Blog Post

You’ll come across so much advice online with regards to written content, a lot of it is absolute nonsense. One that always drove me personally insane was the common advice that blog articles need to be consistently over 2,000 words and the more the merrier.

Writing organically is way better than writing everything at the same length, when was the last time you saw a human being sending every WhatsApp message the same length?

Moreover writing for length is not the best practice when writing for people. In regular everyday communication, we try to convey the points efficiently, right? Written content should be no different. Search engines today are equipped with extremely advanced artificial intelligence protocols that are designed to weed out content that is created with the intention of ranking. Such content usually doesn’t consider the value they are offering in their content or the user experience, which is against what search engines want to rank, so it’s a catch 22 per se.

In this section, you’ll not only learn what the best practices are and why they are so, but you’ll also learn some neat tricks that will help you write content that gets both found/ranked and enjoyed by your readers. Spoiler Alert: storytelling is one such method.

Why Infographics Are Fantastic for Internet Marketers

I enjoyed this section. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you would have noticed, I’ve often refrained from using them. The reason being is that I simply didn’t know how to use them effectively and create them quickly. This section of the training helped me significantly as I’m sure it will do for you.

This section will explain why the use of infographics is an effective content marketing strategy, how to use them correctly, and how to quickly and easily create them.

Why Your Brand Is Crucial For Your Content

Content alone won’t turn your readers into raving fans! However, combining it with a great brand will. So how do you go about making your brand great and what qualifies it to be as such? This is what this section will discuss.

Chapter 5: Marketing Your Content

This is one of the most important chapters in this course, do you have any idea why? Quite simply put, what good is great content that no one sees?

In this chapter, you’ll learn exactly how to get your content seen. Marketing as part of a content marketing strategy is the activity or set of activities, that position(s) your content effectively for maximum visibility. Especially at the initial stages when you are still trying to grow a fan base the right marketing can either make or break your success.

Your Articles As Products – How You Should Really be Selling Your Site Content

When we look at content whether written or audio-visual we rarely ever consider the idea that it is a product that requires selling. However, unlike other traditional products and non-traditional ones, the term “selling” here isn’t in the sense of exchanging something for money. Here we mean selling as we would in the statement “selling someone on the idea”.

This section will delve deeper into this concept and will teach you how to “sell” your content as part of your strategic content marketing efforts.

Here you’ll learn everything from writing catchy titles to the presentation of your content, to promotion techniques, to USP, and content iteration cycles. This section will take you from the moment you put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) to the moment you put your pen down and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Guest Posting

The term guest posting shows up often when discussing blogs, and gets recommended as an effective way to get exposure for your content as well as building back-links. However, it’s not every day that someone shares with us exactly how to do it effectively as part of a holistic content marketing strategy.

If you don’t know what guest posting is, this section will explain it extremely well, and then it will show you how to find suitable sites where you can guest blog, and finally wrap up with tips to ensure your guest blogging efforts are highly successful.

Chapter 6: Getting More Content

The most time-consuming and exhausting task of any content marketing activity is the creation and/or curation of content. Trust me, I would know, I’m a blogger.

This chapter of the course solves this problem by nipping it right at the root. Once you start creating content, with time you begin to discover shortcuts, some that work and some that don’t. As with anything there is a learning curve, and it usually involves trial and error, but this chapter hands you the conclusion you will eventually come to yourself on a silver platter. This means you get to save yourself so much time and frustration by starting one step ahead of your peers with this knowledge.

The chapter then will proceed to explain how you can get your readers to contribute content, as well as approaches to curate content from other content creators effectively and without plagiarizing or imposing on anyone’s intellectual property rights.

Note: that last part will also show you how you can get rewarded by the content creator for having their content as part of your curation.

Chapter 7: Tools and Resources for Your Content Marketing

Emmert Wolf once said “A man is only as good as his tools” and I believe this saying stands true with strategic content marketing, whether you are a man or woman. You see, even if you have a bulletproof content marketing strategy, without the right tools and resources at your disposal, your efforts will continue to be flawed.

As you have seen throughout this summary, content marketing is a vast ocean and involves so many various aspects. Doing them manually or paying for them can be both very time-consuming and expensive, besides being potentially imperfect. This is why in this chapter you will learn all the various free, low-cost, and premium options for tools that you can use to help you perfect your content to the max.

Chapter 8: Closing Words on Content Marketing – More Reasons it’s Perfect for Your Marketing Strategy

Usually, at the end of courses, it’s just a summary with little to no more value than what the course already provided. This course doesn’t follow suit, yes it does bring everything all together as any good conclusion should. However, it also compares strategic content marketing to other traditional forms of getting exposure like advertising, and the like. It goes on to explain why having a content marketing strategy is far better, explains how it’s the future of marketing, and the benefits of getting into this now as opposed to waiting till it’s too late.

Where To Get A Free Domain, Hosting, Training, Keyword Research tools, And More?

I promised you that at the end of this course summary I would share with you where you can implement what you learned in this course completely free. There is a platform that I have been using for years, this domain, in particular, isn’t on it, however, I’ve got others that are.

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At IEVOLVE WEALTH we promote various products that we believe can help our readers.

However, when it comes to business models, the one that is most sustainable and has proven itself over the years is a content-based business. People will never stop consuming content, during their lifelong pursuit of enlightenment and knowledge. Moreover, it’s the cheapest form of online business to get into.

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Sounds Too Good To Be True, Right?

Not if you understand why! Here’s why it’s not too good and the catch…

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If you’ve been struggling to have a breakthrough online, and you aren’t ready to explore your options, then you need to look within yourself. I always tell my coaching clients, if you’re not one step closer to your goal every day than the day before then you need to first resolve the issue preventing you from taking action. Sometimes the cause is external (which most commonly are excuses given by our minds to justify our lack of action) or internal. The internal part usually comes in the form of fear, lack of self-confidence, procrastination, or laziness all things which anyone can’t be successful until they overcome.

But that’s a topic for a future, more detailed post. As for now, I’ll leave you to check out this platform and make sure to come back next week at the same time for a new free course that we’ll be giving away!

What Is Content Marketing?

What Is Content Marketing?

As the name implies, Content Marketing is the effective use of content to market products and/or services. Content that is usually used for marketing purposes includes video, audio, images, and the written word. You can see such forms of content being used on social media, music sharing sites, blogs, websites, YouTube (and other Vlogging Platforms), and even TV, newspapers, and magazines. The most important and prominent aspect of modern content marketing is storytelling, which involves incorporating stories into your content to give it an emotional touch and keep your audiences engaged.

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing as a marketing principle gains its popularity and importance from its focus on creating a captivated and engaged audience that enjoys the kind of content you offer. This makes them keep coming back to consume more of the said content, which turns them eventually into fans, and as a result, the content marketer receives a constant stream of traffic and leads.

In other words, having an effective content marketing strategy means more traffic, more sales, and inevitably more revenues and profits.

What Is Story Telling And How Does It Relate To Content Marketing?

Stories, by nature, create an emotional connection with the characters within them. There is an inherent allure to stories ever since we were children, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good story? Since the dawn of recorded history, the storytellers have always been admired by audiences (young and old alike). Think novels (50 Shades of Gray), movies (Marvel), and television series (Like Game Of Thrones) all of these create a cult-like following, do they not?

A few years ago (around the start of this decade) marketers decided to capitalize on stories within their content marketing strategies. Content marketers began to incorporate stories, cliffhangers, and subliminal messages within their content. This allowed them to create a relationship with their audiences, it allowed them to allow their followers to know them better, and it allowed them to remain within their memory for longer.

Stories are not only used by marketers though. For example, during my certification as a soft skills trainer, one of the principles we were taught was to lead our training sessions with a story to captivate, inspire, and build an instant bond with our trainees.

Stories are a very powerful tool to create feelings within people, deliver a message, increase engagement, simplify and improve understanding of complex topics, and create an audience that would rarely ever get bored of what you have to say.

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