High Ticket Affiliate Products [5 Success Tips]

To begin understandinghigh ticket affiliate products you need to know that not all affiliate products are created equal. In this article we’ll discuss them in detail so you can differentiate between the million and one options online today!

This article is going to be both short and jam-packed with information, especially if you are somewhat new to affiliate marketing, so buckle up because it’s about to get real.

I’m going to assume you already know what affiliate marketing is and so my focus will be on a more in-depth look at affiliate marketing.

As we mentioned earlier, not all affiliate products are created equal. The “ticket” here is used to refer to the value of the product and in turn the commission you make from it.

What Are High Ticket Affiliate Products?

High ticket affiliate products are products that are sold for a high price (usually valued at $1000 or more). There are a lot of advantages to such products and programs, but their biggest advantage is that the higher cost of the product equates to a higher affiliate commission.

During the rest of this article, we will discuss the various differences to consider when understanding the different types of product “ticket” categories in affiliate marketing.

High Ticket Affiliate Products VS. Mid Ticket and Low Ticket

We’ve already explained what qualifies as a high ticket but what are mid and low tickets you may be wondering, well mid ticket are products around the $500 mark sometimes a little less. Low ticket products are the ones that rarely ever exceed $150 to $200 and start from $1 depending on the product and program you are marketing.

The question here is why would such products and programs be successful enough to continue to exist until this day? Well “economies of scale” play a big role in this phenomenon…

It’s common knowledge that more people in this world can afford a product worth $200 than the number of people who can afford a $500 product. The same principle applies when considering the number of people who can dish out easily the cost of a mid-ticket product versus the ones who can afford high ticket affiliate products.

In other words…

If you are fishing in a big pond full of fish you can catch a fish quicker and with more ease, that is the low ticket product’s target market. The higher the ticket the smaller the pond and the fewer the fish and so as the ticket value goes up, it gets harder to make a sale.

This raises another question, if so then why do mid and high-ticket affiliate products exist if low-ticket is so easy? Well if we go back to the fish example and tell you that the big pond with more fish, each fish you catch will weigh 1kg maximum, in the mid-sized pond they will way up to 5kgs each and the smallest pond with the least fish the smallest fish you will catch is 10-15kg at least.

This is exactly why people still choose to market higher ticket products and in turn, such products and programs still exist today. As long as people know that for almost the same amount of effort they can make more money or “win” more there will be people who are ambitious enough to try and win the big fish!

The wiser product owners play a very clever game, enter multi-stage affiliate funnels.

What Are High Ticket Affiliate Products?

High Ticket Affiliate Products

As we mentioned earlier, not all affiliate products are created equal. The “ticket” here is used to refer to the value of the product and in turn the commission you make from it.

A high ticket affiliate program or product is a product that sells for a high price. The high ticket title is usually used to refer to products that are valued at $1000 or more. These products have many advantages but their biggest advantage of all is that the higher cost of the product equates to a higher monetary commission since you are paid a percentage.

Here are a few differences to consider between the different tickets in affiliate marketing.

How Multi-Stage Affiliate Sales Funnels Work

Affiliate Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are a process of taking your client from the first time they hear about your product (awareness), to them becoming a lead, then a prospect, then finally a converted customer with a sale. Multi-stage affiliate sales funnels are the same thing but they stack multiple funnels on top of each other.

Let me explain how that works with an example, have you ever bought a product or subscribed to a service, and once you pay, you get a pop-up saying if you buy 5 or upgrade now you will get a once in a life time discount? This is called an upsell.

Sometimes when you choose the upsell and buy it they take you into a 3rd funnel and suggest yet another upgrade at a price that you “will never see again”. That is exactly what a multi-stage affiliate sales funnel is in its simplest form, some will offer you a free coaching session or take you through training, and at the end of it offer you an upgrade, we refer to these as the “back end”.

Most low ticket affiliate products will have a similar setup.

That’s exactly how they can afford to give you 100% on the “front end” offer (the first funnel). They know that many of these will upgrade and they will take all that higher ticket profits for themselves.

This is why you want to be careful when picking an affiliate program. Do they pay you only on the front end? If so, maybe you’ll want to consider another program that offers both front and back-end commissions.

You will also want to look at products that will pay you recurring commissions. So every purchase your customer makes earns you a commission. This could be in the form of regular payments (like subscriptions) or upgrades. Even the purchase of other products on their marketplace (cross-sells).

It was you who put in all the effort and invested all the money to acquire that paying customer. Why should they only pay you once and reap all the rewards this customer has to offer and exclude you?

Are High Ticket Affiliate Products Better?

As we mentioned earlier, they make you more money for a similar amount of effort. This doesn’t mean that it takes the same effort and costs the same to acquire a client. Think of it in terms of would you rather have 10 customers paying you $50 each (total $500)? Or 1 customer that pays you $1,000 if it would take the same effort and time?

This is what most programs that sell high ticket products will tell you in their pitch. I on the other hand prefer to take a different approach. Since I am not selling you anything here… I don’t need to pitch you! There is no bias towards the interest of anyone other than you, my reader.

So here’s what I propose… We already established that the low ticket products have a bigger target segment of the population than higher ticket ones. We also established that closing a low ticket is easier and quicker than a higher ticket product. How does this knowledge help us?

There are multiple products out there in the market that offer you a share in all their commissions. Companies that have set up what one of my mentors likes to call a “customer value ladder”. This is a system that follows a clever sales process that looks a little like this:

Bait > Lure > Sell > Offer Value > Bait > Lure > Sell > Offer Value > Bait > Lure > Sell > Offer Value…

And so on from $1 to well over $30,000. This way you take advantage of all the ticket levels in one sale. Plus you get the chance to have the company you are marketing…

To convert some of the low-ticket customers into high ticket buyers on your behalf. This small change in approach changes everything. It turns you from an affiliate marketer working for a company into a partner. Moreover, in some cases, you’re making them work for you. Since they do all the work to upsell the customers or keep them continuing their subscription, for your mutual interest.

There won’t be any recommended programs in this article because the programs I know, I am an affiliate for. I have created this article exclusively to help you understand affiliate marketing better and more in-depth. So, I don’t want to ruin it by pitching you something.

If you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing check out my article here.

It sounds unusual, I know, guess it’s a little something called integrity that I am trying to demonstrate here.

Good Luck my friend!

Evolve Your Wealth,

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