Increasing Traffic To Your Website

Increasing traffic to your website should be your primary priority if you do business through it! Whether you have your own blog, website, or affiliate sales page laser targeted traffic is the key to your success.

The problem is, not just any traffic will do! You will need evergreen sources of traffic that grow and provide you with a constant stream of visitors.

Since the best things in life are free, our preference is always going to be free traffic. The question is, how to get visitors who are preconditioned to buy from you, at no cost?

This is what we’ll be talking about in detail today!

Directory Sites As A Traffic Source

Directory Sites As A Traffic Source

If you were born in the 80s or early 90s you’ll probably relate to what I am about to say. Do you remember as we grew up we had what was called a phone book, yellow pages, or telephone directory?

It used to be this huge book that contained all the business and some of the people in the city’s contact details.

Today directories come in the form of website listings.

Great so how do you use it in increasing traffic to your website?

This will require a little work on your behalf! The trick here is not to list in just any directory. Do your homework first! Search for and locate directories with a large number of daily traffic.

Why is this important? Well not to be Mr. Obvious here, but a directory that no one visits, will not send you any traffic. How will people click-thru to your website via listings they haven’t seen?

You will need to pick directories that cater to your niche. Don’t forget to list on some general directories too that way you can maximize your incoming traffic.

A good start would be to get listed in the following general listing sites:

  • Yelp
  • Best Or The Web (BOTW)
  • AboutUs
  • Spoke
  • Blogarama (for blogs)
  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Yahoo Small Business
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Yellow Pages
  • HotFrog
  • Superpages
  • MerchantCircle
  • Better Business Bureau
  • B2B Yellow Pages
  • Brownbook
  • eLocal
  • DexKnows
  • Craigslist

These are all directories with a reasonably large monthly traffic that could potentially see and click on your listing.

To get listed on many of these sites might take some work and time but the traffic is totally worth it. Moreover, it helps you rank on search engines since these are mostly high authority sites.
Don’t forget to research some speciality niche directories too and get listed on them.

You can research their traffic performance for free on similar web (which is the one I use). Alternatively you could search for and use any other platform that you prefer.

You can research their traffic performance for free on similar web (which is the one I use). Alternatively you could search for and use any other platform that you prefer.

Increasing Traffic To Your Website With Traffic Exchanges

Increasing Traffic To Your Website With Traffic Exchanges

As the name states a traffic exchange is basically a platform where traffic is exchanged. What does that mean?

Well, you become a member on the platform and earn credits for viewing other people’s websites. Those credits can then be exchanged for visits to your website.

This is one of the simplest and least time consuming ways of increasing traffic to your website. However, the quality is mostly hit-or-miss, unfortunately.

On the other hand, it is a quick way to get more traffic to your website. This is beneficial in more ways than one. It is free traffic on demand, just visit a few websites and request visits, and BOOM! Traffic starts flowing in.

Guest Blogging For Laser Targeted Traffic

Guest Blogging For Laser Targeted Traffic

In my personal opinion this is, by far, the best channel for free targeted traffic. Moreover, it has the added bonus of the traffic being preconditioned.

So what is guest blogging? Ezines, magazines, and speciality blogs are constantly on the lookout for new, fresh, unique content.

I find this technique as one of the most distinct demonstrations of social cooperation between businesses. You offer their visitors useful content and in turn they allow you to divert some of their traffic to your site.

All you need to do is simply prepare a short article on a topic related to your niche. You will also need to optimize your content for keywords so that people find it on search engines.

The trick here is to precondition the people in your article. Pre-sell your website or products in the article. That way, the traffic you get is already ready to buy when they land on your website!

Another thing to remember is if the blog allows you to embed links in the content, great! Use that and embed links to your site! However, if that’s against their policy then include your website’s URL in the bio line under the article.

Now all you have to do is submit it to ezine directories or the blog’s webmaster and watch the traffic flow in.

Just like with directory listings, these act as back links which help you rank better on search engines.

Increasing Traffic To Your Website With SEO

Increasing Traffic To Your Website With SEO

The websites with the highest traffic on the web are the ones that are search engine friendly. If you do the same thing, traffic to your website will undoubtedly multiply.

Make sure that you optimize your copy well. Your meta tags, alt tags, headings must all be in order. Your text should have a sufficient keyword density without spamming. Then keep your robots.txt and sitemap are up-to-date to guarantee google is notified of your updates.

Also you will need to follow the steps in this article to better rank with keywords.

There are multiple websites online that can do an SEO analysis of your website. I personally like SEOptimer and Sitechecker.

Get An Avalanche Of Traffic Through Blogging

Get An Avalanche Of Traffic Through Blogging

You’ve probably noticed in the recent years most big companies now have a blog on their website. It actually caught my attention that many of the websites I’ve been visiting now have a blog.

Having a blog on your website allows you to have keyword rich articles that rank better on search engines. Once you have articles that rank, you can use them to link to other crucial pages on your site.

For example, sales pages for physical products and services don’t usually have that much text on them. Search engines prefer pages that are more dense with text. Of course, when I say not that much, I mean compared to a blog article.

Make sure the blog is on your main domain and not on a subdomain. Having it on a sub domain will lose you the ranking benefits of the traffic coming to your main domain.

Moreover, a blog gives you an extremely important added bonus. With other traffic methods you get unique visitors. A blog will keep them coming back to read your articles, and help you build a following!

That way the traffic you bring in once keeps coming back over and again. With time you grow your traffic and multiply it.

Think of traffic as a tap and your blog as a bucket. Without a blog you are limited to keeping the water from the tap in small amounts with your hands.

Online Forums, The Evergreen Gift That Keeps giving!

Online Forums, The Evergreen Gift That Keeps giving!

Online forums are a fantastic platform for increasing traffic to your website. Consider forums as a hive full of people interested in exactly what you have to offer! That equates to a honey pot of traffic ripe for the picking to you!

People hang out on forums to get information about things they are interested in. Pick a few forums in your niche and be active on them answering questions and commenting. Have your link on both your profile as well as your signature.

This way anyone who sees the forum post(s) you engaged with will see your link. Some forums even give the members option to upvote comments and answers. That means your comment on these forums could stay at the top potentially forever! This is why I referred to it as the evergreen gift that keeps giving.

Moreover, many of these forums have a high domain authority. That means having your link on them and getting traffic from them will raise your domain authority and ranking!

Going Viral To Increase Traffic To Your Website!

Going Viral To Increase Traffic To Your Website!

Imagine this…

You tell 10 people something and tell them to pass on the message to 10 people each. You encourage them with an incentive that anyone who tells 10 people gets.

Do you know by the 10th stage of referrals how many people your message would have reached? 10,000,000,000 yes you read that right ten billion! Now imagine if only 1% of these visit your website and 1% of these visitors buy your product.

Not bad for a free traffic source right?

You may be wondering what incentive? That sounds expensive! Relax, it’s not, it’s free. If you produce report, ebook, cheat sheet, etc. and fill it with links to your website, that’s incentive enough. Now just give it away.

The trick here is to make it really useful, if they find it useful, they’ll probably pass it on to their friends. By doing that they are circulating your links.

I would imagine if you are just starting up, making such an incentive may seem like a difficult task. If you don’t know how to create your own giveaway, I have a free solution for you.

Private Label Rights (PLR) is your best friend here…

PLR is something someone has created and either gives it away for free to you or sells it for a very small fee. These items usually have license terms and include, giveaway, personal use, reseller and master reseller rights.

I won’t get into the details of each license type here because all we care about right now is the giveaway option.

Read on, I’ll tell you exactly where to get them for free in just a second.

Please make sure to check your license rights. Make sure “giveaway rights” is included before you try to give them away.

However I don’t recommend being lazy and using them as is. But why?

You are not the only with access to PLR products. Something that someone got for free already once is not very attractive now is it?

So what do you do? Just read it through then rewrite it in your own words! Once you are done rewriting it, create a cover with canva and you’re all set.

That way you also don’t need to worry about the rights because it is no longer a PLR product. It’s now your own unique product and creation, and can do with it as you please!

Alright so where do you get PLR products free?

I can recommend two sites, they both have a limited free section which should be enough for our purpose.

It’s worth noting that not only am I a paid member of all resources in the following section. I am also an affiliate. That means if you choose to upgrade at any time I may be compensated at no additional cost to you what so ever!

The first one (IDPLR) gives you access to 200 products, simple PLR training, and new products monthly for free.

If you upgrade you get access to over 12,000 PLR products, extensive training and much more. The subscriptions start from $39 for 3 months which is nothing considering what you get in exchange! But I digress…

The second website (PLRASSASSIN) gives you free lifetime access.

However once you are inside some items you will be charged for and the price varies. The VIP membership is $19 only per month.

So which one do I personally prefer? I like IDPLR more, the website is designed better and offers a better user experience.

Moreover, it’s easier to find the newest PLRs and has a cover maker. They also offer you the option to request a specific PLR for them to provide. Not bad at $13 per month, yeah?

A resource to help you go viral…

You could easily give away the incentive yourself through social media, a capture page, etc.

The one thing these options don’t give you is a systematic approach to viral marketing. They don’t allow you to track and integrate with all the other tools at your disposal.

Enter UPviral, a system that was designed specifically for the purpose of making you go viral!

Showcasing and selling it to you is something I won’t be doing today. Instead, I’ll just drop you the link here. Its founder does a great job showcasing it and explaining how it works in detail.

All I’ll tell you is two very important pieces of information. Firstly, it starts at $39 per month for the basic package. Secondly, it works, I continue to use it to this day. I liked it so much that I invested in a lifetime subscription package.

The general concept is the tool allows you to create a sharing contest. Once the people share to the number you decide they get the incentive. It also integrates with the most popular email marketing tools out there. That means you can use it both for increasing traffic to your website and building a list.

Alright, let’s move on…

Link Trading

Link Trading

This here is a very simple concept. Remember as children how some of us used to trade duplicate cards, pogs, etc. with our friends? This is pretty much the same thing. Except this time instead of trading game cards it’s links that are being traded.

I get traffic on my site, you get traffic on your site. What this does is if I put a link to your website on mine and vice versa, in essence we share traffic.

My visitors will click through to your website and yours will click through to mine. I like this method because it has a human aspect to it too, we’re helping each other.

But what do you do if you have no friends with related websites, if at all? Make new friends! I know it sounds cliché but I don’t mean it in that sense.

What I actually mean is visit blogs and websites of people in your industry. Once you are on there put some positive comments on their posts, etc. then reach out with an email.

Share with them some of your stats and a link to your website for them to check it out. In that same email offer them to place a link to a page/post of their choosing on your website. Remember to be nice and ask them to return the favor.

This strategy is great at generating free, targeted traffic and should be high up on your list of priorities. Needless to mention, it also improves your search engine rankings.

Classifieds Your Way Up To Higher Traffic On Your Website

Conducting a simple search online for “classified ads” give you thousands of websites that allow classifieds on them. The trick here is to place your ads on sites that relate closely to your product.

When picking websites, usually the ones on the top search results will give you more traffic.

You need to also make sure that your ad has been approved and placed on the website. If it doesn’t appear on the site you will neither get traffic nor get the boost in rankings from the back link.

Using PPC While Increasing Traffic To Your Website

Using PPC While Increasing Traffic To Your Website

Granted Pay-Per-Click or PPC are not entirely free traffic methods. However, I’ll teach you how to get more traffic than you pay for in a campaign.

Platforms like Google’s Adwords and facebook will provide pre-qualified targeted traffic to your website. They command multiple popular channels like search engines, youtube, instagram, and whatsapp.

PPC will provide you a great source of highly targeted traffic that converts well if you set the campaigns up correctly.

So how do you get free clicks? One word…


Yes there are websites on the internet that sell you coupons. You pay $40 and get a $100 in advertising credit.

*Affiliate link ahead*

One such website is voucherstore here’s a link to a $100 facebook ad credit voucher like the one described earlier. It also has google adwords, bing, and linkedin credit vouchers. I’ve used it for both adwords and bing, they worked like a charm.

So how does it work? Is this legit? The answer is yes, they bulk buy from these ads providers and pass on some of the savings to you!

When I used it for adwords there was a restriction of only 1 voucher per ad account though. That’s the only catch with this trick. On facebook and some other networks, sometimes more than one is permitted.

Whether you use coupons/vouchers or not is up to you. However, PPC needs to be one of your main strategies in increasing traffic to your website.

Use Expired Domains As A Source Of Traffic

Using Expired Domains As A Source Of Traffic

So this is the last one of our traffic tips and tricks. They are not free either. However, you can find some of them for dirt cheap.

How does it help you in increasing traffic to your website though?

Expired domains have back links, customers who still try to visit them, social media accounts etc.

All these channels keep sending traffic to the domain even after it has long expired.

All you do once you get the domain is use a “catch-all” redirect which sends all traffic to these domains to yours.

Some people will tell you it’s better to get a high traffic expired domain. However, such domains come at a very high cost. I would rather you get for the same value many cheaper domains with lower traffic. Believe me, their traffic will add up to more than that one domain. And for much cheaper!

Wrapping It Up!

So there you have it! 11 ways to help you in increasing traffic to your website for free or near free.

Good luck! And don’t forget to leave your thoughts, comments, questions, and feedback in the box down below. I’d love to hear from you!

Evolve Your Wealth,

Tareq Helmi
Founder & CEO

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