Statistically speaking the most common question amongst people considering internet marketing is “how can I make my first $500 online?”. Are you a newbie and looking for a method to earn your first $500 quickly online? 

Listen I get it, times are tough and we all need extra cash to get by. Month in and month out and life ain’t getting any cheaper either! So we all need to look for ways to make some extra cash from time to time. Believe me, I was right where you’re at myself a few years ago!

While doing some research…

I discovered that more than 50% of the Millennials in the US are living on side hustles. They make more money on the side than they do from their actual day jobs.

You’d be surprised how easy it was for me to make my first $500 online. When I was first starting I made $100 in my first month. Then had my first $2,000 month on my third. Now let me show you how you too can earn your first $500 quickly online with ease!

Before you start though, here are a few tips to take into consideration:

  1. Analyze your own experience
  2. Figure out your interests and passions
  3. Choose a specific and single topic 
  4. Be ready to keep your eye on the goal, stay steadfast, and be very patient 

How Can I Make My First $500 Online

How Can I Make My First $500 Online?

The biggest challenge all newbies face is figuring out the right pattern/sequence to successfully conduct business online. I was fortunate when I first started that I didn’t get scammed. Well, except for once or twice before stumbling across a few systems that work. This helped me make my first $500 online quicker than if I kept getting scammed.

So the first key is that if you follow the right path. It should be quite easy to earn your first $500 quickly online from your home.

The second key is having the right mindset! We need to set the right expectations…

Making money takes time, this stands true whether you are doing something online or offline. Granted online is cheaper and quicker. BUT, expecting to earn your first $500 quickly online is an overnight success thing that will only set you up as an easy target for scammers. 

However, there are still some strategies available that, if applied correctly, will allow you to earn your first $500 online much faster than typical approaches. 


5 Simple Ways To Earn Your First $500 Quickly Online

How To Make My First $500 Online?

ClickBank Affiliate Program

ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate networks in the entire world. They’ve made multiple 6 Figure income earners from regular folks just like you and me. 

All you need to do is join ClickBank for free and pick some high-ticket products. Their marketplace contains plenty of products in every niche. There, you will find products that offer 50% – 70% commissions to affiliate sellers.  

Do some analysis and pick one or two good products to promote. Don’t worry, having a website is not necessary. Just create a landing page and send traffic, then watch the sales come in. In no time you’ll earn your first $500 quickly online!

JVzoo Affiliate

Jvzoo is very similar to the Clickbank. It’s one of the largest affiliate networks for digital products. Mostly you will see the courses, software, and marketing tools in this marketplace. Though it’s best known for software and marketing tools if we’re being totally honest.

If you have a blog and you’re talking about digital marketing, then you can easily use JVzoo to monetize your readers. However, if you have no blog/website don’t sweat it! The same principle applies here as with Clickbank, just create a landing page using one of the many online page builders and send traffic to earn your first $500 quickly online!

Warrior Plus

I personally love warrior plus, not as an affiliate but I’ve certainly bought multiple products and tools from there myself. It’s a gold mine of tools and systems that help people succeed in various niches.

Launch jacking is one of the most effective ways to make money with Warrior Plus. This is where you get review access to the product before its launch and create a review video/article about it and take advantage of the hype created around the launch.

Remember here, traffic is key just like with all forms of online business.

How To Make My First $500 Online As A Hosting Affiliate

Promoting web hosting is another quick way to make a decent amount of money. Every website owner needs hosting and we’re all seeking the best service, speed, and value for money. 

So, if you target the perfect audience and generate a few sales a month you will cross the $500 mark easily. 

The hosting companies always offer a high-ticket commission to the affiliate sellers. You can easily find hosting companies that offer $50 – $500 per sale. This is especially true with managed hosting services and the like! Just imagine how many sales you need to make $500! 

CPA Offers

To take a short break from affiliate marketing, there are multiple marketplaces online that allow you to promote services on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis. CPA is where someone downloads a game, inputs their email or telephone number, etc.

The payout for CPA offers ranges from a few cents up to 100s of Dollars per action. So whether you choose to send free or paid traffic earning your first $500 quickly online is not a far goal.

Note: Affiliate Vault and Maxbounty are examples of CPA offer market places that you can use. You could easily just search the term “CPA Offers” or “CPA Marketplace” on your favorite search engine and pick one that works for you!

(Bonus) How To Make My First $500 Online With Done-With-You Systems?

This term is not one that I’ve personally coined, I heard a YouTuber use it and it appealed to me. There are so many done for you systems out there but no one is addressing the big elephant in the room. Let’s face it; done for you systems are a great way to make money but have one major flaw… you don’t know how it’s done.

Imagine the company decides to move on or change the industry, your income stream stops immediately. Now, what do you do? If there are no other good DFY systems you are going to be in a tight spot won’t you?

Enter done-with-you systems, these are systems that not only do the work for you but also teach you how it’s done. Such systems are rare to find because let’s face it, few business owners want to part with their trade secrets. Systems that allow you to take over parts of a system once you’ve got the right knowledge and customize them are even harder to come by.

These systems are by far not only the fastest way to make money online, but also the most sustainable over the long term. I’ve done a review of one of these systems which I have been personally using over the past 3 years.

If you’d like to learn more about them and what they have to offer, click here to see my full review.

How Did I Make My First $500 Online – The Best Way To Promote?

Ok, there are 100s of traffic options to consider. What you need to do first is establish whether you will use paid or free traffic. 

There are very important criteria that we need to take into consideration when deciding though. How much time do you have on your hands? 

Traffic is one of those things where all roads lead to Rome. You need to either spend time sending free traffic, save time and pay for traffic, or do a combination of both. 

A word of warning to the wise though, paid traffic is by far the fastest and most targeted form of traffic you can get, period! However, if you don’t have money to spare, you will get results, it will just take some time, patience, and resilience because free traffic is mostly hit or miss.

I didn’t make my first $500 online using free traffic alone. This is why I suggest, once you do make a few sales with free traffic, start reinvesting at least some of that money back into paid traffic so you can ramp up your results and scale up as you earn more.

As far as paid traffic goes Google ads is a good option since it offers you featuring your links on search results, YouTube, Gmail, and on websites within google’s global display network. 

Alternatively, social media paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter in some cases could offer you cheaper clicks if done correctly. If you watch some videos on youtube, you can learn how to do it yourself within a few minutes. 

I would recommend finding a trusted solo ads provider,  solo ads and ezines are great, low-cost traffic opportunities if done right. These are people who will promote your link via email to a huge list of contacts who are interested in the product you are marketing.

How I Managed To Make My First $500 Online (Pro Tip)

You can also contact some Instagram influencers, Facebook groups, and bloggers to add your landing page on their bio, group posts, and blog banners and offer them a little amount upfront or commission per sale. 

It’s easy to figure out the targeted audience that converts to more sales. 

Example: Say you choose a health and fitness course to promote. You just need to connect with health and fitness-related Instagram, Facebook groups, or bloggers. This way you get your link in front of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of your target audience by just sharing some of your profits. Interesting, right? 


Be patient and analyze your interests and passions. Focus on helping people and try to add value to their lives. 

As for making money online, it requires time but if you’re ready to spend some money or put in the effort it shouldn’t take you too long to make a decent income online. 

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