Ways To Earn Money Fast

10 Ways to earn money fast. There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to make money, but as we mentioned in the first tip… why reinvent the wheel? Why not take the things that have already been proven over and over again. Methods that constantly deliver the result you are looking for and focusing your efforts there?

So here are 10 ways that millions of people around the world have used to make money fast. And, no they don’t include buying a lottery ticket or investing in expensive make money online programs and schemes. In fact here I am not only going to discuss the online options but also physical and tangible assets.

They are listed in no order of preference because this is not a one size fits all article. You are free to choose the ones you feel closer to home from your point of view. Besides we’ve already discussed the concept of multiple income streams. So I already know you most likely won’t just pick one. At least, if you intend to apply what you’ve learned here that is.

1. eCommerce Stores

eCommerce Stores came up quite a few years ago and it doesn’t look like they will be going anywhere, anytime soon. Their importance and positive impact on the global marketplace became especially evident… during the lockdown we are currently living with the COVID-19 pandemic prevention protocols. Hundreds of Trillions of dollars are spend annually online whether to buy products or services by people. The annual spending averages exceeds $1,000 per person in some countries, like the US and UK.

So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that with a little research on what is selling well and fast… you can easily start making money through ecommerce. The best thing is the flexibility you have. you can sell your own products, drop shipping products (someone handles the production & shipping for you), or even like option 7 affiliate marketing. This one is definitely a no brainer and doesn’t even require any technical knowledge with tools like shopify and others. You just need some research to pick a good product. Then you are off to making money with ecommerce.

2. Online Publishing

Ways To Earn Money Fast - Online Publishing

When you read the word publishing you probably immediately thought or written content. That was perhaps the case before the internet became so accessible to almost everyone. Today online publishing is one of the best ways to earn money fast. It includes all audio, visual and written media. You can start anything written like an online newspaper, magazine, blog, or ebooks. You can also have a podcast (online radio), photography gallery (instagram, pinterest, etc.), training course(s), webinar(s), video streaming channel, or even your own talk show.

The options to make money from these published products are literally unlimited. For example, you could sell your products and affiliate products on them. You could also display ads, get sponsorships, and gather donations. Once it picks up you can sell branded merchandize. I won’t discuss the many options to make money from these products in detail but specific articles in the future will cover them and I’ll link them here once they are up.

3. Ways To Earn Money Fast – Real Estate Investment

Unless you have been living under a rock for aeons… you probably already know how real estate is the only asset that with time appreciates rather than depreciates. That means the longer you keep a real estate investment the more money you make. If you are looking for ways to earn money fast… In real estate you will need to take a more sneaky approach, though. You don’t buy properties that are on the market. You need to begin being proactive and find properties that are not on the market yet. In the industry they are called “off-market” properties. You can often get these properties for less than the market value with a little negotiation.

If you want to make even more money from your properties, look for ones that need minor repair work and use these repairs to negotiate the price even further.

Just make sure to have someone on hand to do these repairs. Obviously, for a cost lower than the discount you negotiated. Then do the repairs and sell it for a profit. Buying and selling real estate is not the only way to make money in the industry though! Maybe you don’t have the money to buy an apartment right now. So what can you do? Plenty actually, you can broker property sales or rental for a commissions. Or you can rent out an unfurnished apartment in a desirable location, furnish it and rent it for a higher price.

There is also always the option of property management. This technique involves you finding landlords renting their apartments out and manage the property on their behalf. You collect rent, handle tenant complaints, manage repairs, etc. and you get a percentage out of the rent. But all these options should be temporary until you own your own property. That’s when you begin to earn real money.

4. Renting Out Assets

Ways To Earn Money Fast - Renting Out Assets

Part of this ties in with real estate. However, properties are not the only assets you can rent out. One of the ways to make money fast is by renting out pretty much anything. Even that old PlayStation that you no longer use. You can buy a cheap compact car or more and rent them out too.

Do you have a spare room at your home? Like what you’d use for when friends and family come over to crash for the night? Why not AirBnB it? Or rent it out to someone? With a little bit of thought you can make money from anything you own. Even your wedding dress can be rented out in some countries (sentimental women please don’t kill me for suggesting this!). So you see, begin thinking of all the things that you have laying around gathering dust that you could rent out. These might include games, comic books, rooms, cars, clothing garments, etc.

If someone has a use for it, you can rent it, always know that!

5. Flipping Assets As One Of The Ways To Earn Money Fast

Ways To Earn Money Fast - Flipping Assets

I highly recommend this one because I personally do it! Remember how I said I own a share in a used luxury cars showroom in one of the gulf countries? I also flip used cars here in Egypt. Will basically flip anything that I can come across at a bargain. The concept is simple you buy something for a price cheaper than you can sell it for. Then put a few free ads for it online on the local classifieds and sell it for a profit. Then simply rinse and repeat, it’s as simple as that!

Like renting out assets, the options here are limitless. Look for what you can get for a cheaper price and then sell it! This concept is not just limited to physical assets either. Maybe you have an online ecommerce business that is doing well. You can easily flip it for 10x, 20x, or even 30x your monthly revenue. So if you make $100,000 a month, you can sell it easily for $1,000,000 up to $3,000,000 depending on the industry it’s in.

If you play PVP games you can flip accounts and items in that game if you have a great player account. In 2016 I used to play a war game. I was one of the top 10 in the server, everyone knew my screen name, the power of my base and how pain I brought! I sold that account for $10,000 to another player when I had decided that I don’t want to play that game anymore. You could do the same with your game accounts and items that you can trade. Just make sure you are not breaking any rules doing that if you don’t want to get your game account banned!

6. Stock & Forex Trading

Stock & Forex Trading

Before I talk about this… I need you to understand of all the options this one is the riskiest. Its success is the most dependent on external factors that you have absolutely no control over. This is especially true when you want to flip your stocks and currencies fast for a quick profit. Mid to long term is slightly safer. That being said, this form of making money has made many overnight millionaires and billionaires. To do this right and minimize your risk you need to heed my advice on some points here. First and foremost pick a trusted exchange. One that’s certified by reputable government agencies. At least you know such trading forums full under strict supervision by a government body. Thus, are less likely to engage in hanky-panky business to steal your money.

Before purchasing a stock or currency pair make sure you perform a thorough due diligence exercise. Look at the performance of that company, stock, or currency. Then research the country the currency or company belongs to. Read expectations, forecasts, projections, etc.

Basically go in knowing what you are doing. Don’t jump in ignorantly and throw whatever savings you have away in losing trades left, right, and center. I highly advise against getting into this if you are not ready to put in the hours of research and analysis. Or if you don’t have an expert wealth manager to help you make the right trading decisions.

7. Affiliate Marketing – One Of The Best Ways To Earn Money Fast

Over the past decade affiliate marketing has become all the rage. It’s made many a small investor filthy rich in a short time frame. This is also another thing that I personally made and still make money from on a consistent basis. Many people starting with affiliate marketing think that they need to pay a small fortune to get on a successful program… Well you don’t!

Granted many of these programs will give you the training you need to minimize your learning curve… and get you results faster, but they are not a prerequisite to success. You can learn most of this information from free sources like the IEVOLVE WEALTH Blog. Youtube and ebooks can also help you ramp up your success. Affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways to earn money fast. Basically, it’s where you sell someone else’s product and earn a commission on every sale made through the clients you bring in. So why do I say expensive programs are not necessary? Because Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart, Clickbank as well as many other big companies have such programs, and these programs are free to join and market as an affiliate.

So you don’t need a program with “high ticket products” to make money online. High ticket products are expensive products where you can make in excess of $500 per single sale.

I am not recommending against such programs in any way here, I just don’t think you need them when you are just starting. These programs will attract you with the amount of money you can earn “for the same amount of work”. I disagree with that statement, it may totally be the case when you are well versed into the world of affiliate marketing but when you are not you won’t even know where to find people who are willing to part with $500 and $1,000 easily. So you are better off starting on training wheels with the products between $1 and $100 until you have mastered the skills necessary and then scale up with high ticket products.

I say this for 2 reasons, the first being that you will already be making money from the low ticket products so even if selling high ticket products takes time to master you will have an income to cover your needs from the low ticket ones. The second is you won’t have to pay the program entry fees from your own pocket and instead can afford to pay it from the income of the low ticket ones.

If you’d like to have a look at the program I personally use for this you can check it out here.

8. Earn Money Fast Through Offering Consulting Services

You would be surprised at the number of people willing to pay you for consulting services. 99% of the time there is something you know well that many don’t but need to know to achieve something. This is where consulting services come in, you sell them 30 mins or an hour of your time (or more if you so please).

One-on-one consulting hour rates vary, you shouldn’t charge less than $50 per hour when you first start off so as not to lower the value of what you have to offer in the eyes of your clients. With time and as you gain more clients and credibility you can start charging $1,000 or more.

These numbers are so dependent on the niche that you are consulting in though.

You need to study the market and see how much others are charging and try to be competitive in your rates to encourage clients to pick you as their preferred consultant.

You can even consult in games, I know it sounds silly but if you have been playing a game for years and know its ins and outs like the back of your hand, you can help others improve their performance for a fee.

Demand on your service in such a scenario would increase ten fold if you know tips and tricks that would help them get to the level they desire without spending as much. That way you can tell them if you follow my advice you can save $1,000 in progressing your account and I’ll only charge you $100 or even $500 so they save by using your service.

But once again make sure you are not breaking any game rules doing that, you don’t want your account banned.

Also I just used gaming here as an example, because it is something many people never consider, but there are plenty of other areas would this would apply. Creating CVs, social media presence, DYI stuff, make money online, and many others are all areas you can consult in.

9. Earn Money Fast With Social Media Influencing

Ways To Earn Money Fast - Social Media Influencing

This is probably the one where you can have the most fun doing. I, personally, haven’t started doing this yet but within the next 3 to 6 months you’ll see me promoting at least one social media platform here. But that’s enough about me and my goals! So what is a social media influencer? They are simply someone with a social media channel or profile with a lot of followers. The person usually uses the social media platform as a channel for expressing their opinion or sharing themselves doing something they like, others teach people things they know how to do or display their artistic work.

To simplify the idea with an example…

Have you ever seen one of these instagram models or make up artists showing photos and videos of their make up skills and fashion choices? Those are either already influencers in those niches or influencers in the making. The key difference here is the number of followers and/or subscribers the more you have the bigger your authority in that niche.

Once you become an influencer a plethora of opportunities to make money opens up to you. If you are an influencer in the tourism industry you get hotels and restaurants offering you free hotel stays and meals to review their facilities and food, the next stage is getting that as well as earning money from them for recommending their facility to your followers. Once you become a super influencer just putting a business’ link on your profile or mentioning them in one of your videos or posts is worth a fee, and as your followers grow so does that fee. You can also get sponsored by companies for a limited time where you mention them as the sponsor in each and every video or post. Now do you see the opportunity here to make money while having fun?

10. Ways To Earn Money Fast – Cryptocurrency


If you are wondering what cryptocurrency is… it is an umbrella name for all the digital currency that is made, stored, and exchanged online. Never taking a physical form. You maybe familiar with some currencies that fall under this umbrella name, Bitcoin. Millions have been made with cryptocurrency. I am one of the millions who many years ago thought that bitcoin was a scam. That was when it was still being sold for a small fraction of what it’s worth now. This ship had long sailed and gone by the time I caught on.

If like me you are one of the many who made the same mistake or was too young when bitcoin was still a cheap investment built solely on fate, fret not my friend. You can still make money. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency in existence! Etherium for example is another up and coming cryptocurrency and is also living proof that the Bitcoin success can be, and is being, replicated till this day.

Finding the right cryptocurrency is no easy feat though. However, with some reasonable research effort and some good analysis skills… you can find one that can make you the next Cryptonaire. So how can you make money from crypto? The most common way is just buying coins that are expected in increase in value like forex and currency trading. The other option is a practice referred to as mining crypto.

I won’t get into the details of crypto mining in this article as it’s a detailed matter that would far exceed the scope of this article, but expect an article on it in the very near future.

Concluding The 10 Ways To Earn Money Fast

There is no excuse for anyone not to make money, what ever your resources are, it doesn’t matter how much you know, or how much you have, all it takes is taking a decision to make money, if where is a will there is always a way my friend.

These were just 10 out of a million and one ways to make money, you just need to use your mind! Think of what is it that you can do, like seriously sit and think about it don’t just say “I wish I can make more money” that won’t get you anywhere. If nothing from these 10 ways appealed to you, think of others, do some research there is literally something there for everyone to make money from!

I’m so looking forward to hearing your ideas, thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comments and if you’ve found this article useful, share it so others can benefit from it too.

Good Luck my friend!

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